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Cycling Info & Tips

Our aim is creating cyclists, not just selling bikes.  We provide advice, classes and training, group rides, suggested local bike trails and routes, and the best quality and staff tested gear for your next safe and prepared cycling trips.

We all ride our bicycles and we all have specialties.  Some of us are better roadies, some are mountain bikers, downhillers,  or BMX racers, and some are just plain commuters.  Whatever your need, we have the skills and personnel to help you find the best bike and gear to fit your needs.  We expect you to test ride a bunch of bikes before you decide on just the right one, so when you come to look at bicycles you should dress for riding and be prepared to spend some time getting to know our inventory.  We will discuss the merits of different frame geometries, groupsets, tire sizes, (we will even explain what all of these terms mean) and a myriad of other aspects that will make the bike you purchase the best bike for your needs.


A Rainy Redbud ride

We can repair just about anything on a bike that does not involve welding frames.  We fix or replace any component, perform upgrades, advise on the purchase of new parts, and even find new parts to repair old bikes!  We also perform most routine maintenance tasks that will help ensure that your bike will be safe and will last a long time no matter how much you ride.  If you need to customize the way your bike fits to maintain general health or to address specific problems, we have test-ride saddles, we offer measurement and fitting advice for many parts of the bike, and we even offer professional bicycle fitting sessions.  (professional fittings require an appointment)

If you are new to the area or new to bicycling and are looking for a place to ride or a group to go out to explore, we will help find routes for your pleasure and help find groups who want to ride the same pace and distance as you.  We offer several levels of group rides throughout the year from beginner road rides, to advanced mountain bike trips and centuries.  During the winter we offer spin classes (we call them indoor group rides) and night mountain biking trips.  We have cycling skills development classes, basic and advanced repair classes, and workshops about how to stay happy and healthy while on your bike.

Our staff is trained and experienced with our inventory, as well as being avid cyclists.  So come in, ask questions, browse our inventory and learn more.


Cycling / Bike Services

  • New Bicycle Sales and Service (all new bicycles receive 2 full years of completely free tune-ups) 
  • Basic Tune-Up (check/inflate tires, adjust deraileurs and replace cable if necessary, adjust brakes and replace cables if necessary, check wheel alignment, chain-wear, axle tightness, cranks/pedals, lubricate chain) some parts are extra.
  • Plus Tuneup (Does everything for a Basic but with some premium features– such as more exacting wheel truing, brake pad cleaning and alcohol wiping rims, better lubricants, and more inspection points on moving parts)
  • Premium Tuneup (a plus tuneup adding rotation of tires, chain-line cleaning, and complete bike wash)
  • Bicycle Overhaul (complete disassembly, cleaning, and re-greasing of all bearings and moving parts, replace tires, true wheels, check freewheel/cassette/cogs/chainrings and replace if necessary, other repairs as necesary)
  • Inner Tube/Tire Replacement and Repair
  • Full Service Repairs (hourly rates for all major and minor repairs)
  • Bicycle Disassembly and Crating for Shipping
  • Bicycle Assembly for bicycles purchased elsewhere or crated/shipped
  • Wheel Building and Truing
  • Tool/Workstand Space for DIY repairs
  • Free Air for your tires 24/7
  • Bicycle Fitting
  • Bicycle Safety Checks
  • Helmet Fitting
  • Free Estimates

Schedule of Fees

Hourly Repairs

$40.00/hr (1/2 hr minimum)
BasicTune-up $50.00 (plus parts)
Tire/Tube Replacement $5.00/tire
Bicycle Overhaul $130.00 (plus parts)
Disassembly and Crating $55.00
Uncrating and Assembly $55.00
Bicycle Fitting FREE (tips)
Bicycle Safety Check FREE
DIY Repair Space FREE
Helmet Fitting FREE

Cycling Links (to learn more):

Did you know that Madison County is covered in some of the absolute best road biking in central Kentucky? It is, and we ride every inch! Would you like to get to know some of our favorite routes? We will share. There are a few bike paths, and some phenomenal mountain biking trails in the area as well and we would be thrilled to tell you about them. You see, at Mike’s, we are not just in the business of selling you a bike and some gear. We are in the business of sharing our passion for cycling. We are in the business of creating cyclists. This is a great site for mapping and finding rides in the area.  Just go to the search feature and type in 40475.  You will get a plethora of great cycling routes!  Madison County Greenways and Trails KY Rails to Trails website The National Leave No Trace website Richmond Parks Department KY State Parks  The Daniel Boone National Forest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association The USA Cycling Association Great link for helping to diagnose and fix all sorts of bicycle problems The Ohio Valley Cyclocross Association The Bluegrass Cycling Club